Post-Op Instructions

1. A periodontal dressing may be applied to your teeth and gums. It will become semirigid within a few hours. This is a protective covering and should remain in place until your next appointment, at which time it will be removed or replaced. Small particles may chip off during the week.

2. When local anesthesia wears off, you may experience some discomfort. Take the pain medication as prescribed.

3. Ice pack applications for the next 3-4 hours should be used to help prevent possible swelling. The ice pack can be applied for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, alternately.

4. If antibiotics were prescribed, take as directed. It is important to finish all of the prescription.

5. You may use your toothbrush as you usually do, but do not use it in the surgical area.

6. Rinse 2 times a day with Listerine full strength for 30 seconds. DO NOT RINSE FOR 24 HOURS IF YOU HAD AN EXTRACTION. Avoid any hot liquids until protective packing is removed. Peridex Rinse may be prescribed in place of Listerine.

7. There may be occasional blood in the saliva for the first several days. This is not unusual and will correct itself. Cold water rinsing after today may be helpful. If there is considerable bleeding, take a piece of gauze or a damp tea bag, form it into the shape of a "U", hold it in the thumb and index finger, apply to both sides of the dressing and hold it under gentle pressure for 10 minutes. Do not remove it during this period to examine it. Repeat this procedure if necessary. Under no circumstances should forceful rinsing be used to try to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding becomes a problem, call the office.

8. You may experience a feeling of weakness, chills or slight fever during the first 24 hours. This should not be cause for alarm, but it should be reported to the office.

9. Sleep with two pillows the first night after surgery.

10. It is very important to maintain adequate nourishment during treatment. Please limit yourself to a semi-solid diet and avoid excessively hot foods for the first day. After this period, you may return to your regular diet. However, avoid eating on the side with the dressing.

11. You are not restricted from normal activity in any way. However, avoid excessive exertion of any type. You are encouraged to perform your regular duties or work after the first day or two.


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